Does This Really Work? At-home Facial Light Therapy

You’ve probably heard of LED, or photo light therapy, that’s offered by Dermatologists, but now this technology is also offered in home gadgets. LED lights on the skin help repair it frome acne, and it also reduces fine lines. To test this technology, I’ve been using the Beam by ANSR, which came in the Acne Care Kit ($185). The kit also includes a face wash, day lotion and night cream. The Beam is a small palm-size device that transmits waves of blue light for 5 minutes, and then red light for an additional 5 minutes. The blue light has been found to kill acne-causing bacteria, while the red light penetrates skin deeper to help stimulate collagen growth, leading to an even skin tone and fewer wrinkles.

When you press the button in the middle of the round gadget, it starts to vibrate gently and the blue light turns on. The idea is to rub it on your face in circular motions. After 5 minutes the red light automatically turns on and you continue the same movements to complete the 10 minute process. You’re supposed to use Beam in the morning and at night, but I never have time in the morning. So, I’ve only been using it at night while I’m catching up on my TIVO. It doesn’t hurt, but the red light can be bothersome near eyes, so I always close my eyes while using it.

I usually get a few break outs once a month—ladies, you know how that goes—but since I’ve been doing this light therapy, I’ve noticed a decrease in those monthly pimples. I’ve also been using the kit's complementing skincare products, which contain Salicylic Acid. That’s been helpful, too. As for the anti-aging results, considering I’m in my early 20’s, it might be too early to judge. I’ll get back to you in a few years with updates on my wrinkles status.