Does This Really Work? Coiled Tweezers

My skin is sensitive and gets red easily, so I can’t use wax on my face. For my eyebrows, I usually either tweeze them myself, or get them threaded. Threading is a form of hair removal where a cotton thread is twisted against the skin to pull hair from the roots. I go to a salon for this service, but now there is a tool for facial threading at home called the Lindo twist-n-roll tweezers ($13, This is a long wired coil with plastic handles on each end; it's not exactly a thread, but it works the same way.  

Here's how it works: you bend the coil down to form an upside down U shape and place it on your skin. To pluck the hair, you twist the handles out slowly and the coil rolls up to pull out hairs. It was intimidating to use at first, but I got the hang of it after trying it a couple of times. And it sounds more painful than it really was. I used it over and in-between my eyebrows to get some pesky stragglers, which didn’t hurt at all, but that area of my face is used to plucking and tweezing. You can use the Twist-in-roll tweezers anywhere on your face except for the area under your eyebrows because you could get your lashes caught in the coil—that would not be good! This is an innovative tool to use at home if you don’t like to use tweezers and want to save a trip to the salon.