Does This Really Work: Blackhead Eraser Exfoliating Cleanser

Clogged pores? ¿Me lo dices? I’ve had them on my T-zone since my teen years. Since becoming beauty assistant at Latina, I've tried an array of products in an effort to clear out this problem. So, I have to admit I was doubtful when I heard about this new "eraser" called Clean & Clear Advantage Blackhead Eraser E.

It's a handheld, battery-operated device on top of which you place a textured pad. The pad has salicylic acid and other oil-cutting ingredients like cinnamon, all of which help dissolve the pore-clogging grease that causes blackheads. Once the battery is in, you place a pad on top of the gizmo and twist the bottom to get it buzzing. (The first time I did this, the noise was so jarring it scared my cat, Nina!) Once the pad is wet, start scrubbing in circular motions to get it to suds up. I rinsed my face after this process and quickly checked in the mirror to find tight, clear pores and smoother skin!

I was shocked that the difference was so instantaneous. So of course I've started using it once a week for over a month and it’s been working de maravilla! The package says use three to four times a week, but it works so well I don't even need to! The kit comes with this ergonomic (and cute!) gadget, one AA battery and 20 single-use pads for $20. I only wish it came with more pads! But you can buy a refill pack of 20 more for $7. Happy scrubbing!

-Sandra Vanessa Mariscal