Daisy Fuentes Launches New Fragrance

WWD reports that Daisy Fuentes is adding to her Dianoche scent franchise with a new jasmine-scented fragrance called Dianoche Love, due to be released in April. Fuentes tells the magazine, “We wanted to express the different stages of love with this scent. Flirty, intense, passionate—it made a lot of sense with the day-and-night concept we have with Dianoche.”

The idea behind Fuentes’s brand is to have two complementary scents that can be worn individually or mixed together. “Originally, I thought we’d have one scent for day and one for night; I didn’t realize that I’d get so many different variations as I played with the fragrances,” she said. Fuentes also says she was drawn to jasmine partly because the butterfly jasmine is the national flower of her native Cuba. But, she adds, “there’s this great story I’ve heard about Cleopatra dousing her sails with jasmine before she headed into war. Here’s this woman who is strong and fierce, yet still wanted to smell fabulous — that’s what really inspired this scent.”

Dianoche Love will retail for $43 for 60 mL and will be sold exclusively in Kohl’s.