‘CSI Star’ Eva La Rue’s Beauty Secrets

The other day we were diligently typing at our desks when we glanced at our caller ID and saw the name “Eva La Rue” pop up (at which point we sprung for the phone). The CSI: Miami star—and Crest Complete spokesmodel—was calling to share a few of her favorite beauty secrets. From how she skips washing her hair to her all-time favorite moisturizer to how to avoid her most embarrassing beauty blunder, here are Eva’s top beauty tips:

  1. Use dry shampoo. Think about all the time we waste on our hair, which we can never get back! If I can skip washing my hair for a day or two, then the time I save is such a lifesaver. My two favorites are Ojon Full Detox Rub-Out ($24, drugstore.com) and Pssst! Instant Spray ($6.99, drugstore.com).
  2. Sleep! It’s the hardest thing on the planet to get, but if I don’t get enough sleep it doesn’t matter how much spackle I put on my face. My goal is eight hours per night.
  3. Drop the act. It’s ok to not be able to do it all. I have an awesome husband now, but for six years I was a single mom, and stress can eat you alive—and age you quickly. Ask friends and family for help.
  4. Keep your breath fresh. Obviously good breath is important, and I’ve found that the Crest Complete Deep Clean toothpaste ($3.49, cvs.com) really does keep my breath clean for the majority of the day.
  5. Slather on SPF daily. I hate to sound like such a mom, but sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen.
  6. Moisturize every day, too. When my skin is dry and crusty from a week of long CSI shoots or a lot of traveling, I apply Astara moisturizer ($79, astaraskincare.com) at night, then wake up to plump, dewy skin in the morning. 
  7. Match your foundation perfectly. I’ve made the mistake of applying a darker foundation thinking it would give me a great golden-tan look, but then I had a distinct line at my jawline and my neck didn’t match my face at all. And unfortunately my beauty mistakes are on the internet forever!