The 10 Craziest Celebrity-Approved Beauty Procedures!

We do a lot to look good. But celebrities can one up that statement, spending thousands of dollars to keep themselves looking young and fabulous. Gisele pokes fun at these controversial Hollywood beauty treatments as she imitates different procedures, including a blood facial, for Vogue Italia's June 2013 Health & Beauty issue. Is this a dig at Hollywood?! Whatever the case may be, check out the most drastic procedures we've found. (Warning: you might not want to be eating during this.)

1. Crazy Beauty: Blood Facial

Blood Facial

Brazilian supermodel, Gisele Bundchen stars in Vogue Italia's June 2013 Health & Beauty with a bloody facial. The blood facial (also called the Dracula or Vampire Facial) trend is intended to help fight signs of aging with the help of (still unproven) science.

Two teaspoons of blood are extracted from the patient’s arm, spun in a centrifuge for approximately 10 minutes to separate the platelets, and then platelet rich plasma (or PRP for short) is injected back into the patient’s face. The price rounds around $1500, but the amount depends on how much a patient ends up using. 

2. Crazy Beauty: Leech Therapy

Leech Therapy

This seemingly cruel procedure takes the beauty is pain saying to a whole new level. Any beauty regiment that involves a bath in turpentine is just not for us, but apparently it is for celebrities, including Demi Moore. According to theUK Dailymail,Moore allowed the leeches to suck on her blood in an attempt to detoxify her blood. This procedure requires you pay for the leeches separately then the procedure, which starts around the price of $200 and can range anywhere from there depending on the location you choose.

3. Crazy Beauty: Snake Venom

Snake Venom

Snake venom is the latest fad in the anti-aging industry and celebrities, such as Gwyneth Paltrow, and non-celebrities alike are standing in line to be a part of the action. The process is a simple cleansing, massage and mask, but the product is key. The venom compound, extracted from temple viper snakes, relaxes the muscles completely and sends a message to inhibit control and contraction. Sonya Dakar Skin Clinic offers the service starting at $385.

4. Crazy Beauty: Oxygen Masks

Oxygen Masks

Madonna revealed her secret to younger-looking skin in an interview: oxygen masks. Oxygen is needed to replenish the skin cells. Aging, stress, the environment, diet, and lack of sleep can slow the process, resulting in dehydration, wrinkles, age spots, etc. An oxygen facial delivers nutrients to the skin that rejuvenate cells and speed up turnover.

Using a glass, pipe-shaped device, the doctor sprays a fine mist of pressurized oxygen and vitamins on the face towards the end of the facial. This is one of the more natural and least expensive treatments starting at $95.

5. Crazy Beauty: Snail Facials

Snail Facials

Is it possible that nature’s slimiest creatures can actually help us out? The Siberian Snail facial places African snails on the face, allowing them to crawl around and brush it with slime. The slime is rich in proteins, elastins, and glycolic acids and is biologically intended to protect snails from tissue damage, infections and UV rays. This is reported to work wonders for the human face. A more palatable version of slime is now part of select cosmetic preparations.

6. Crazy Beauty: Pigeon Poo Facials

Pigeon Poo Facials

You know what they say “if a pigeon poops on you, it’s good luck.” Well, it actually does help – by making you more beautiful. Pigeon Poo Facials from Japan are said to be rich in nitrogen, the amino acid guanine known for ability to heal and brighten skin, and other natural enzymes.Made popular byVictoria Beckham,includes celebrity fans such as Tom Cruise. The actor reportedly indulges in the $180 a pop beauty regime composed of and other natural ingredients like rice bran. 

7. Crazy Beauty: Dimple Fabrication

Dimple Fabrication

It’s no secret that dimples just give off that certain youthful look. No wonder that this dimple fabrication surgery has become so popular in recent years. Who wouldn’t jump at the chance to have the cute smile of Mario Lopez? This involves the process of facial skin surgery at the cheek to create dimples. There is no visible scar. The dimple will be permanent long after the suture is absorbed but interestingly, the procedure is also fully reversible. This procedure goes from $2000 to $6000.

8. Crazy Beauty: Kitty Litter

Kitty Litter

Instead of using bath scrubs, Christie Brinkley and Snooki from the Jersey Shore, opt for kitty litter to help them exfoliate. Hm, if the idea is to get rid of dead skin cells, we suggest using a nice scrub instead. Has anyone smelt kitty litter? Yuck!

9. Crazy Beauty: Bee Venom

Bee Venom

The key ingredient is said to improve skin by setting off an elaborate chain reaction. "Your brain thinks that [you've been] bitten and it sends back a signal that the skin needs to heal itself," said Maria Hatzistefanis, founder of Rodial, a London-based skin care line known for its use of exotic ingredients, which recently debuted bee venom products. Once this brain signal has been sent, as the theory goes, blood rushes to the area, triggering an increase in the production of wrinkle-smoothing collagen.

Deborah Mitchell, maker of Heaven, describes venom products as a topical, natural alternative to Botox. "Straight away, the skin tightens and firms," she said, noting that many users report a slight tingling—a sign the product is working. This stinging product is priced around the $100 area.

10. Crazy Beauty: Baby Food

Baby Food

Compota is racking in the shelves of women all over the world and it’s not for their babies. Baby food is additive free and a lot healthier than most of the junk that adults put into their bodies, which resulted in the making of the “Baby Food Diet.” The diet involves replacing breakfast and lunch with about 14 servings of baby food.

Back in May,The Huffington Post reported that Jennifer Aniston used baby food to lose weight for an upcoming movie role.  Warning: followers of the diet can expect some serious bowel issues, so not sexy!