The Coolest Celebrity 3D Nail Art

A solid-color manicure is so last season! Now, Latina celebs are all about the Japanese-inspired 3D nail art trend, which has been popping up on red carpets and Twitter feeds alike. Check out our picks for the top 5 most enviable celeb nail art styles, plus easy-to-try instructions to get the same looks at home — no expensive manicurist required!

1. 121312 Nail Art Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato

The X Factor judge and pop music sensation has never been one to shy away from a bold look — and her nails are no exception. On November 27, Demi Tweeted a photo of her metallic, spiked manicure with the caption, “Love these!”

To recreate Demi’s look, paint your nails twice with a metallic shade, let them dry, then adhere mini silver spikes with nail glue or a still-wet clear topcoat and press down until secure. The spikes could make everyday tasks a little more inconvenient, but this rocker-chic look is totally worth the trouble!

2. 121312 Nail Art Bella Thorne (slide 2.real)

Bella Thorne

This 15-year-old Disney Channel chica loves to show off her eclectic style. On December 2, Bella Instagrammed her tuxedo-inspired nails — complete with pink 3D bowties — to her followers. “Pink tie required!” she wote.

Bella’s nails are easiest to replicate if done on acrylics, but the first step remains the same: file your nails into a pointed ‘claw-like’ tip. Then, opt for a sparkly semi-clear black base coat, and use a nail polish pen or a toothpick dipped in matte lacquer to add the white ‘shirt’ and black ‘buttons and bowtie.’ For extra glamour, stop after applying the white shade on your ring fingers and instead, add rhinestones as ‘buttons’ and secure a 3D bowtie using nail glue. An instant pop of color!

3. 121312 Nail Art Fergie (slide 3)


Fergie’s Swarovski-encrusted Super Bowl nails definitely stole the (half-time) show! Instead of bedazzling all of her digits, Fergie Ferg opted to embellish only her right index and middle fingers with talon-like slip-on extensions and major bling.

Without purchasing slip-on extensions, you can rock a modified version of Fergie’s show-stopping look. To support the weight of many crystals, you may want an acrylic base, but if you’d prefer to go au naturel, simply cut down on the amount used. Serious time and patience will be needed when it comes to gluing all of the individual Swarovski crystals onto your nails — but the result will be nothing short of captivating!

4. 121312 Nail Art Snooki (slide 4)


The Jersey Shore star’s acrylic nail days may be behind her now that she’s a new mom to baby Lorenzo, but that doesn’t mean that she needs to abandon her love for all things bejeweled! “My nail game,” Snooki Tweeted along with a shorter, yet still glam nail look in September.

To replicate, simply layer two coats of your favorite colorful polish on every finger except your ring finger on your left hand. (If you’re left-handed, you may prefer to leave your right ringer finger bare). Then, apply a clear base coat onto your ring finger, and while wet, use tweezers to apply a variety of nail jewels or crystals. Press the 3D gems securely onto the wet base coat and then apply a clear topcoat to all nails to seal.

5. 121312 Nail Art Jennifer Lopez (slide 5)

Jennifer Lopez

The ladylike lace nail appliqué that J.Lo rocked at the VMAs is a sweet and sophisticated way to try your hand at the 3D nail art trend, without being too over-the-top.

To steal Jennifer’s look, you’ll need to cut the lace to your nail’s approximate length and width. It’s easier if you start with a more manageable piece of fabric. First, brush on a clear coat of nail glue, then lay the lace onto the nail, and once secure, apply another coat of the brush-on glue. Then trim the excess fabric as needed. Top manicurists suggest using Parisian lace, but don’t fret if you can’t find it because OPI also offers easy-to-use nail art appliqué’s that adhere to your nails and can be filed down to fit.