Christina Aguilera's Two New Scents

Pop star Christina Aguilera wanted to create a scent that would make a woman feel confident and glamorous all the time (attributes the starlet seems to project herself—even in the face of a tough divorce). So she made two: one for day, one for night (each is $29 and now available exclusively at Kohl’s and

The everyday scent, simply called Christina Aguilera, has notes of fruit sorbet, jasmine, vanilla and musk. One spray should make you feel a little sexier while running your typical errands. Think: Christina in jeans while dashing around town with her son, Max.  
Christina Aguilera by Night taps into the pop star’s full-blown sex appeal. It’s much sweeter and even more feminine thanks to tangerine, vanilla flower, peach and May blossom. Think: The starlet on stage with a feather boa.  
After an informal sniff comparison, three out of four Latina staffers preferred the Night scent. Which do you think you’ll like more: the “everyday jeans” fragrance or the “feather boa” fragrance?