Check Out these Día de los Muertos Bath Products

Are you celebrating Día de los Muertos this year? If so, you can now bring the party into your shower! Lush, the natural beauty brand who makes those addicting bath bombs we all love, has created a special Día de los Muertos collection. The company states on their website that they decided to create the products because they “were so inspired by the idea that this time of year could be filled with love instead of scary creatures.” 

The line includes an agave-scented Lady Catrina soap ($5.95), shaped into her bright, flower brimmed hat; Calacas shower jellies ($4.95 each), which are skin-softening shower gels that smell of lime zest and come as green, yellow, or orange skulls; and—of course—the Calavera bath bomb ($5.95), which fills your bath with orange, pink, and green colors, marigold petals, and lime oil as it fizzes in the water. It’s truly good, clean fun. 

The limited edition collection is at, and word is it’s selling out fast!