Bliss Nails Get Minx Makeover

If you’re one of those girls that gets high off the latest fashion “it” shoe, or the newest craze in beauty (eye lash perms, anyone?) then you’ll love this: Bliss Spas in New York City are now offering what they call a ‘Minx’ Coat Manicure ($55, Instead of coating nails with polish, they cover them in metallic sheets of flexible film. The individual sheets are warmed under a heat lamp, molded to each nail, then cut and pressed until they cover your digits like regular polish. Except the wild design— like fishnets, plaids, or straight up shiny silver and gold—are beyond what you’d ever get in a bottle. The film starts to peel at the tips within a day, but for a glam nail statement there’s little to rival it. Another plus? You won’t get high off any fumes.