The 10 Best Nail Looks from Spring 2014 New York Fashion Week

What a whirlwind! As designers sent collections down the runway, we couldn't help but zoom in on the details. Nails have become a larger part in telling the story of a collection each season. So what's hot for spring? Light and texture in bespoke colors with graphic edges, ombre and painterly swirls. As for length, its either short in a soft rounded shape or long almond shaped talons. Take a peek at the biggest standouts from the week:

1. NYFW Spring 2014 Nails: Blonds

Hand Haute Couture

For The Blonds Spring/Summer 2014 Fashion Show, professional nail care company CND unveiled 36 unique nail designs. This season’s avant-garde nail creations explore the paradox of strong animation set against a backdrop of iridescent neon yellow, chrome metallic and holographic teals in reptilian armor-like textures and protective spiked shapes. In total, it took 240 hours of production to create 864 nails for The Blonds! 

2. NYFW Spring 2014 Nails: Ryan Jordan

Go Graphic

The Ryan Jordan Spring/Summer 2014 collection was inspired by strong, independent, fearless women. Latina Celebrity Manicurist Mar y Soul created the nail look for the show using The New Black’s Glimmer Twins in Revolver. The final look is a sharp silver inverted triangle on a clear nail. “Some pieces in the collection have cut outs on the side so I incorporated negative space on the nail design and as far as the shape I pulled nailspiration from the silver holographic heels, which had a very sharp point,” says Mar y Soul.   

3. NYFW Spring 2014 Nails: Katie Gallagher

The 3D Mani

The Spring 2014 Katie Gallagher ready-to-wear collection consists of powder-pink, ivory and black, with fabrics of silk, chiffon, perforated lambskin, paper spandex, and various hand-made textiles. To play off the theme, celebrity manicurist Casey Herman created a 3-D layered nail art look using imPRESS Press-On Manicure by Broadway Nails in 3 mono-chromatic shades of pale pink (High Hopes), black (All Fired Up) and metallic grey sheen (So, So Stellar) to complement the collection. 

4. NYFW Spring 2014 Nails: Brian Lichtenberg

The Red "Talon" Takeover 

Powerful, red stiletto nails took over the hands of every model at Brian Lichtenberg’s Spring/Summer 2014 Presentation for New York Fashion Week at Pier 59 Studios.  Celebrity Nail Techs from Nail Lounge received creative direction from Lichtenberg who plays up the elements of chic and street that merge luxury and urban culture—indicative of his brand’s iconic element.  They worked through the night to create the various nail designs, each by hand, that included Lichtenberg’s initials “BL,” “Brian,” “BRI,” “NO1” and universal hand signs.  

5. NYFW Spring 2014 Nails: Rebecca Minkoff

Viva Mexico!

Rebecca Minkoff’s Spring 2014 collection was inspired by the tribal and colorful features of Mexico. We got the mani details from Michelle Saunders, lead manicurist of Essie, for details on the nail looks. Since it is a Mexican inspired collection, ‘Dia de los Muertos’ is what translated on the nail, in the form of small skulls on random fingers.   

6. NYFW Spring 2014 Nails: Nicole Miller

Ombre & Glitter

The Nicole Miller Spring/Summer 2014 collection was inspired by the opulence, glamour and beauty of Versailles – the gardens, mirrors, mazes and chandeliers. Katie Jane Hughes, butter LONDON Global Colour Ambassador, created a glitter ombre nail look. Hughes first applied a layer butter LONDON's new Nail Lacquer in The 444 . To create a cascading effect she used butter LONDON Nail Lacquer in The Black Knight and applied upward from the tip of the nail. She lightly dabbed the nail lacquer where the two shades met to blend the look. Finally, she reapplied The Black Knight to finish the ombre effect.

7. NYFW Spring 2014 Nails: Honor

Nude Glamour

For the Honor Spring 2014 collection Deborah Lippmann for created a neutral, feminine and ethereal look with an edgy tip that tied in perfectly with the theme of the show. Inspired by the Tabitha Simmons shoes on the runway, nails of mid-length, slightly more pointed almond shape, or as we call it “almond-etto,” were adorned with a Swarovski Elements crystal pyramid at the base.  

8. NYFW Spring 2014 Nails: Rolando Santana

The Muse: Frida Kahlo

For his 9th season, designer Rolando Santana has teamed up with Zoya to create a custom nail color trio that coincide with his Spring Summer 2014 Fashion Week collection. These chic yet wearable nail colors titled “The Rolando Santana Alegre Collection,” were drawn from iconic artist Frida Kahlo’s stirring life story and made their debut on the runway. 

9. NYFW Spring 2014 Nails: Betsey Johnson

Femmebot Glam

Glamazoids rocked down the runway at Betsey Johnson Spring 2014. Danielle Candido, Morgan Taylor's key manicurist, created the Aurora Borealis-inspired manicures for the show. Get the look by starting with a silver base color of Could Have Foiled Me, then add a layer of Adorned In Diamonds, and finish the tips with Sweetest Thing, an intense pink glitter. The final look: Femmebot Glam Manis.

10. NYFW Spring 2014 Nails: Tibi

Symbolic Nails

The inspiration behind Tibi’s Spring/Summer 2014 was the “Traveler”. The Tibi woman embarked on a road trip journey, from Asia to Arizona. It was an adventure of environmental beauty mixed with the grittiness of getting to her end destination.  Jin Soon Choi created a nail design that expressed a visual language developed by American travelers who lived a nomadic life in the 1920s. These signs were used to help fellow travelers navigate; the vertical/horizontal lines on the nails were an extraction from the traveler symbol “all right”.