The Best Anti-Aging Products, and When To Start Using Them

1. Anti-Aging - Olay Micro-sculpting Creme

Oil of Olay Micro-sculpting Cream ($23.99, tightens and prevents a sagging jaw line, and it’s one of the more affordable wrinkle creams on the market.

2. Anti-Aging - Kinerase Extreme Lift Face

Kinerase Extreme Lift Face ($150, targets forehead furrows and crow’s feet and starts working within five minutes!

3. Anti-Aging - StriVectin SD

StriVectin SD started out as a stretch mark treatment and inadvertently became a beloved wrinkle cream ($75, It worked so well, the skincare brand decided to remarket it as an anti- aging product.

4. Anti-Aging - Clinique All About Eyes

Clinique All About Eyes ($28.50, will hold your makeup in place during the day. At night, it diminishes puffiness, bags and lines. Two for one!

5. Anti-Aging - Cosmedicine Full Benefits

Cosmedicine Full Benefits Lip Plumper, Hydrator and Exfoliator sloughs away dead skin, plumps up lip lines and blocks dreaded UV rays for prevention. ($28,

6. Anti-Aging - Elizabeth Arden

Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Plump-On Pack ($62, has many devotees because of its powerful anti-aging properties and spa-quality Ingredients--especially ceramide, one of the top wrinkle fighting chemicals available over the counter.