8 Beauty Uses For Vaseline

In our struggling American economy, many of us don’t have the bucks to fork out on major beauty products. Luckily, one of the best beauty secrets (and a favorite of many celebrities) is under five dollars! Here are eight easy beauty uses for Vaseline. 

1. Vaseline: Makeup Remover

Makeup Remover

A beauty secret of Puerto Rican mega-star Jennifer Lopez, Vaseline is an affordable and easy way to your remove makeup. Since the ointment is very moisturizing, it removes makeup, and softens the skin at the same time – making it especially great for those with dry skin. 

2. Vaseline: Hands & Feet

Hands and Feet

Dry hands and feet are never a good thing! Especially once the cold weather sets in, your hands tend to take a beating. To combat this problem, apply Vaseline to your hands and feet at night and cover with socks (or cotton gloves for hands). Sleep with the socks and gloves on, and in the morning your feet and hands will feel like new! You can also apply Vaseline daily to fingernails to soften dry cuticles.   

3. Vaseline: Lips


Is there anything worse than chapped lips? If you’re looking to lose that dryness in a hurry, apply Vaseline for an intense moisturizing treatment. The ointment also works great in place of gloss and makes your lips super shiny. For a DIY lover, mix a bit of Vaseline with some lipstick for a colorful balm – perfect for that last bit of color left in your lipstick tube. 

4. Vaseline: Hair


Can’t get to the salon to snip those spilt ends? Turn to Vaseline! Applying the ointment on the ends of your hair can help hide those dreaded split ends. Also, Vaseline can be used in place of hair gel, but make sure you only use a small amount or your hair could look greasy. 

5. Vaseline: Teeth


A beauty pageant secret for decades, Vaseline can be used on teeth to add some extra shine, and prevent lipstick from making its mark. Apply only a small amount on your front teeth, and reapply as needed.

6. Vaseline: Cheeks


Most of us know that makeup can tend to accentuate the lines on our face. No need to worry, adding a small amount of Vaseline to your cheeks can give you a younger, dewy look. The ointment reflects the light, which makes your skin look luminous. You can also add a very small amount by your eyes (for crow’s feet) and get the same effect. Just make sure not to get the Vaseline into your eyes!


7. Vaseline: Knees & Elbows

Knees and Elbows

These areas on the body tend to dry very quickly, so moisturizing should be an essential part of your daily routine. Adding Vaseline to your knees and elbows in the morning and evening is a great way to prevent aging and keep these areas soft. Also, if you sunless tan, rub Vaseline on your knees and elbows before applying self tanner to avoid blotchiness. 

8. Vaseline: Eyebrows


Big eyebrows are everywhere these days, which means most of us are filling in our brows on a daily basis. Instead of spending money on brow gel, Vaseline can easily do the job. After filling in your eyebrows, apply a small amount of Vaseline to keep them in place and add some extra shine. The Vaseline will last all day and will also prevent your brows from running if you begin to sweat.