Beauty Secrets From Eva Mendes

In our exclusive interview, the Cuban American A-lister and new Pantene spokesmodel chats about her beauty routine, her mom’s right-on advice, and what she never travels without.  

On Hair 

Your hair is so gorgeous it landed you a campaign with Pantene! How do you keep it healthy?

Because of the blow dryer, the flat iron, the curling iron, and the hot rollers, I really have to take care of heat damage, so I wash and condition my hair almost daily. Sometimes when I apply conditioner, I leave it in my hair, put on a shower cap, go to bed and then rinse it out in the morning. Now, I hope you’re alone when you do this because it is not a sexy look. You do not want your man to see you like that!

On Mom’s Advice

Do you talk beauty with your mom?

Whenever I do a red carpet appearance, she emails me a full review. I call it Mami’s Review. It sounds like it would be annoying, but I swear it’s the cutest thing ever. She’ll write, “Ah! I loved the hair half-up! The lipstick was too pale, but the dress was beautiful...” She’s always saying, “Niña, wear something that flatters your figure. Trust me, when you’re older you’re going to want to look back and know that you maximized it when you could.” And she likes my hair out of the face, but not pulled back too tightly. When I went through my little ballerina bun phase, she said, “Too tight!” She’s right a lot of the time.

On Skin

How do you keep your skin flawless?

I drink hot water with lemon. It speeds up my metabolism and hydrates my skin. When I’m not hydrated, I can see these little lines in my lips and around my eyes.

Do you get facials or cosmetic procedures?

I do get facials, but I don’t like anything invasive. With my dark skin, even a peel will leave a stain. I’ve learned the hard way. 

What do you do when you get a zit? 

I go junior high on it! I always have Stridex in my bathroom for a desperate situation. In fact, I have one sucker right here [Eva points to her chin]. I want to squeeze it so badly, but I won’t because it’s going to stain my skin if I do.

Besides an emergency Stridex fix, what other products do you use regularly? 

I’m a huge Dr. Perricone fan. I carry his No Foundation Foundation with me everywhere. It has SPF, moisturizer, and a little tint all in one. I always put it on when I land at LAX. I never want to be that girl who applies makeup because the paparazzi are camped out around the corner. I don’t want to succumb to that because then they win. But this product doesn’t feel like makeup, so it doesn’t count!