Let Go of the Booze and Gain These Beauty Benefits


We all enjoy a drink or two now and then. But, as they say, you are what you eat – or drink – and frequent cocktails after work or binge drinking on the weekends can ruin your skin. While you might not notice any significant changes now, after a few happy hours and bar crawls, you can begin to develop skin issues. But there's a solution: give it up, at least for a little.

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According to a National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism study from 2013, “Hispanic women typically do not drink alcohol outside of small family gatherings or other private settings. For Hispanics in the United States, though, this cultural norm is changing. Recent evidence shows some young Hispanic women are drinking as much or even more than young Hispanic men.” In other words: The old-school thought of drinking for tia's engagement is long gone, and now Latinas are drinking a lot more than ever.

Since earlier generations of Latinas drank occasionally, their gorgeous glows and silky skin textures were not affected. But in a recent study by HispanicAd.com, "Adult Millennials see drinking alcohol as a primarily 'playtime' activity, not medication after a hard day. Whether it's going to the club or drinking a wine bottle at home, Millennials Latinas from the ages of 18 - 29 agree that drinking at home is fun and economical." As a result, our skin isn't glowing as bright as our elders.

Ever notice puffy eyes or red skin the morning after a festivity? As much as you want to think this is "normal" for your skin, it isn't. Alcohol messes with your sleep cycle and leads to swollon eyes and dark circles. It enlarges small blood vessels in the skin, which is what causes inflammation in the morning. "While alcohol consumption hasn't directly linked to acne, it does lead to inflammation, which can worsen acne and skin irritation," celebrity dermatologist Erin Gilbert told us. "People who suffer from rosacea should definitively limit their alcohol intake since it makes their skin redness and flushing flare."

Inflammation and redness can be cured just by drinking water. That's why most people drink about a gallon of water after a night of going hard at the club. Speaking of h2o, another negative side effect of heavy drinking is skin dehydration, which leads to signs of early aging. If you are dehydrated too often, you will age faster and develop fine lines and wrinkles. It will also make your skin look dull and lifeless.

"I've had patients come in that look dehydrated and exhausted because they've partied too much, and I always tell it to them straight. If you're spending the money on a chic beautiful handbag, you really should start by wearing that self-care on your face," Gilbert said. "Most people are going to look at your face before they look to see what bag you're carrying or shoes you have on."

Vichy's Mineral 89, $29.50, gives your skin a light base layer of hydration. It contains 89 percent of Vichy mineralizing water, which is sourced from a volcanic region in France and combined with hyaluronic acid. It's like a once-a-day dose of vitamins for your skin, with the minerals strengthening the skin barrier while the hyaluronic acid adds hydration without being sticky or too thick, says Gilbert. The self-care repair doesn't end there. The skin guru recommends using an alpha hydroxy acid product or a very mild scrub to give skin a beautiful glow, followed by a moisturizer and a mineral water spray. Try Vichy's Double Glow Peel Mask, $20, to remove dead skin cells and strengthen the skin's moisture while protecting against aggressors. It allows for better penetration of any moisturizer you apply afterwards.

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While products and water help, ultimately, cancelling wine nights along with tacos and tequila shot dates, at least for a little while, can transform your skin. Just look at celebrities lile Jennifer Lopez, Demi Lovato and Eva Mendes, who all stay away from the booze for personal reasons but are living proof of keeping a healthy glow because of sobriety.