5 Amazing Summer Scents & Perfumes

Shakira has just launched her new perfume, Elixir, which features freesia and peony with a warm amber scent. But whether you prefer fruity to floral scents or want your scent to transport you to a tropical beach, we’ve got a sweet summer spritz for you. 

1. Summer Perfume: Elixir

Elixir by Shakira

Shakira’s new scent Elixir spotlights freesia and peony for a warm, exotic scent.

$29 to $36, kohls.com

2. Summer Perfume: Burberry Brit Summer

Burberry Brit Summer

The name kind of says it all, no? A mix of lime and pear with peony and white musk makes for a fresh, light scent that’s nice and delicate.

$67, Sephora.com

3. Summer Perfume: Ralph Lauren Romance

Ralph Lauren Romance

This classic, feminine scent blends floral and musk to create the perfect balance – seriously, it’s a winner (both for you and your guy).

$45, ralphlauren.com


4. Summer Perfume: Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue

Light and irresistible, this perfume combines apples and jasmine with rose and amber. It’s like the perfume equivalent of putting on a cute and breezy sundress.

$87, Sephora.com 


5. Summer Perfume: Macy's

Calvin Klein Eternity Summer

Romantic and sweet, this scent combines white floral with citrus for a truly summery smell.

$58, Macys.com