This Afro-Latina's Skincare Routine Is Breaking the Internet


According to the American Academy of Dermatology, (AAD) acne is one of the most common skin conditions in the United States, affecting up to 50 million Americans annually.

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Whether it's hormonal or bacterial, ance can be overwhelming to treat and somewhat exhausting to keep up with. But recently a model, Brianna Lopez, went viral after sharing mindblowing before and after photos of her skin to document how she cleared up her severe acne in just a few days. 

After experiencing several breakouts, the Los Angeles-based model's images received over 10,000 likes and followers begged her to post her skincare routine.


The Afro-Mexican and Puerto Rican descendant beauty shared in six easy and simple steps so that everyone could apply it to their beauty routine themselves. If you're a DIY-beauty queen, be prepared to get obsessed. 

Here are some of the steps to follow according to Lopez:

1) Double cleanse with jojoba oil and wipe off with a hot wash rag.

2) Prepare honey mask mixed with turmeric and cinnamon.

3) Use a sulfur mask and bentonite clay mask as well.

4) Moisturize with the shea terra organics perfecting serum and doterra lavender oil.

5) At night spot treat with raw shea butter and use as sunblock pretty much every day.

6) The last step contains herbs to get skin under control (please do your research on herbs before you take them.

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We caught up with the Afro-Latina on her essential skin advice and it was insightful. "I only wash my face on days that I wear makeup. I think a lot of people are confused and think I do my skincare routine every day. But in reality, I haven't washed my face in 5 days cus I haven't had the need to and my skin hasn't broken out. Also, acne is internal.Therefore, people need to clean their insides out. Eating clean and making sure your organs are not inflamed and working properly." Talk about beauty woke-ness class in session! When asked who are her celebrity #skingoals, Bri spoke of Cuban actress, Bella Thorne. "I like celebrities who share their imperfections. Bella Thorne is a really big role model when it comes to loving the skin I'm in," said Lopez.