6 Iconic Beauty Products You Grew Up With!

Many of us grew up admiring everything about mami’s beauty routine. It’s probably because not only was she taking care of herself, but most of the time mami dolled us up too, bathing us in delicious scents or carefully tending to our hair. 

Here is a collection of our favorite iconic beauty products most every Latina will remember!

1. Iconic Beauty Products: Royal Violets

Royal Violets Cologne, $5.69, cubanfoodmarket.com

This is an iconic Cuban baby fragrance with the soft scent of violets. “I’m Cuban, and it is a rite of passage to be doused in Violetas, a baby perfume, whether you like it or not,” says Eva Mendes, the new face of Angel perfume.

2. Iconic Beauty Products: Lemisol

Lemisol, $12.59, amazon.com

Most Dominican girls grew up with mami and abuela using the famous Lemisol, a fresh feminine wash that leaves you clean and minty smelling.

3. Iconic Beauty Products: Mirta de Perales

Mirta de Perales, mirtadeperales.us

Remember the days when mami would wash your hair with Mirta de Perales shampoo and conditioner and then brush it with the iconic Mirta hairbrush? We do! Mirta de Perales was one of the first Latina women to find success in the United State’s cosmetic industry. She passed away this past May but her daughter, Mirta C. Perales now manages the company.

4. Iconic Beauty Products: Maja Face Powder

Maja Face Powder, $12.95, majasoap.com

This Mexican loose powder with the Spanish dama on the lid is what grandma used (and probably still uses!) to powder her nose and most of us instantly recognized that unique Maja smell.

5. Iconic Beauty Products: Quimica Alemana Nail Hardener

Quimica Alemana Nail Hardener, $5.49, bellahub.com

Colombianas swear that this is the best nail hardener on the market (and more than one manicurist we know has called it her secret weapon!). The polish helps nails grow longer, healthier and stronger.

6. Iconic Beauty Products: Phebo Soap

Phebo Soap, phebo.com.br

Straight from Brazil, this soap is famously known to leave your skin smooth, soft and smelling like roses!

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