5 Shower Hacks That Will Save Your Skin

Showers! We do it several times a week, and sometimes even multiple times a day. Believe it or not, all the scrubbing, soaping, rinsing may be doing some serious damage to your skin. We've partnered up with skin guru Dermatologist, Dr. Mona Gohara from Dove to give us her insight on the best shower beauty hacks. Get ready to shower your skin with some L-O-V-E! 

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1. Avoid Hot Water

Though you may be a fan of the warmer temperature hitting your skin during those colder months, it's a no-no for flawless skin. Dove research found 3 out of 4 dermatologists say women often damage their skin in the shower, thinking they are caring for it. Hot showers, scrubbing, and using harsh cleansers (some with ingredients similar to dish soap) are the biggest culprits. Try to make showers warm and use gentle moisturizing cleansers which add nutrients to the skin, and don't scrub. Science shows women of color can be left behind with darker spots when the skin is damaged from over scrubbing. 

2. Check Ingredients

Confused about whether this foaming agent is safe? No worries, we've got you covered! Sulfates are a group of detergents that are used in countless lifestyle products today. Sulfates can strips away precious moisture and protective barriers on your skin which can create rashes, irritations and more harm. Read the labels on your products as the weather changes are critical. Always look for gentle and moisturizing products. Try Dove's Deep Moisture Body Wash which is sulfate-free and leave your body super hydrated and soft after just one shower!


3. Shorter Showers

Anyone guilty of spending over an hour in the shower while singing your favorite jam? This may seem like the perfect time to go off on your vocals, but experts suggest 5 to 10 minutes is the goal. Say what?! Though it may be tempting to spend 15 to 20 minutes, Dove's Dr. Gohara says "If your skin turns red or your fingertips start to wrinkle, time to call it!" 

4. Spa Showers

Spa showers have been proven to improve one's mental health, which ultimately is good for your skin. When decreasing the stress hormone, it leaves the skin less likely to be inflamed or irritated. But always keep in mind staying too long underwater can actually cause dryness and remove moisture.  

5. Less Scrubbing

As much as we love to scrub the all day's work off our bodies, keeping a nourishing gentle cleanser is key.