Screaming Mimis

1. Screaming Mimi 01

I'm Fan-tastic!

"I've been a J.Lo fan since the moment I saw Jennifer in Selena,"says Emilia Lopez.

1967 woven silver lame minidress worn by J.Lo's character, Puchi ($325). Beaded white clutch worn by Puchi($125). White pearlescent shell earrings ($225). 1983 gold and white Charles Jourdan stilettos, worn by Puchi. ($450: all available at

2. Screaming Mimi 02

I Love the '80s

"I love vintage clothing," says Emilia. "All the pieces are just fun!"

Wool high-collared single-breasted coat worn by Puchi. ($550: available at

3. Screaming Mimi 03

On Display At Screaming Mimi's

1967 purple crochet minidress with silver threading worn by Puchi ($395). Silver chain belt ($85: both available at

4. Screaming Mimi 04

Retro Rules

(Clockwise, from the top left): Leather braided link bag with ponyhair patches, worn by Puchi ($350). Beaded white clutch worn by Puchi ($125). YSL leopard fur belt ($350). Gold chain with teardrop pendant worn by Puchi ($225). Gold chain necklace with pearls and green stones ($245). Brown woven leather belt with silver and gold buckle ($135). White pearlescent shell earrings ($225). Gold chain link belt ($210). Amber bangle worn by Puchi ($125). Classic red plastic '70s shades worn by Puchi. ($150: all available at

5. Screaming Mimi 05

Lady In Red

"Without question, the red dress that Jennifer wore with the black coat is beautiful, timeless, red and powerful; everything that is a Latina," says Emilia.