7 WTF-Is-That Beauty Products You Never Knew You Needed

Most of us will do whatever it takes in the name of beauty. The days of going outside with rolos on are no longer seen as "weird." Different times, bring forth odder beauty habits. And these strange behaviors typically come with bizarre-looking beauty products.

We've rounded up beauty goodies that make you say "WTF, is that?" and "Hmmm, I may need this" at the same time.

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1. Lip Mask-ing

Facial sheet masks are one thing, but prepare yourself for a new type of beauty therapy that celebrities like Adrienne Bailon are raving about. In a recent social post, the newlywed singer stated "@kncbeauty's all natural collagen infused lip mask! nothing worse than chapped dry winter lips." She called the mask one of her winter must-haves. Packed with rose flower oil, cherry extract and vitamin E, the Lip Mask hydrates and plumps lips in less than 20 minutes. 

 KNC Beauty Lip Mask, $25, kncbeauty.com

2. Curl Claw

You've probably seen this crazy-looking diffuser and wondered, "WHAT IS THAT??" It's Deva Curl's claw-inspired diffuser designed specifically for curly hair! Mexican-Honduran beauty influencer Rocío Isabel is a huge fan of this lime green item. With its unique hand shape and 360-degree airflow, it will gently dry your curls from the inside out, resulting in frizz-free beautiful curls. 

DEVACURL DevaFuser Diffuser, $50, ulta.com

3. Lip Tattoos

From creative patterns like leopard, rainbows, emojis and even a Brazilan flag lip tattoo, your statement lip is about to reach the next level. Whether you are interested in rocking the runway's latest glitter lip or embracing your Latina roots, Violent Lips Lip Tattoo has changed the game with these temporary beauties. A fan of tattoos, but not of commitment?! Girl, me neither! 

Violent Lips Lip Tattoos, $8 - $10, violentlips.com

4. Shadow Shield

Nothing is worse than applying your mascara beautifully only to have your eyeshadow fall and mess it all up. Keep those eyes squeaky clean from makeup debris using this tool. This flexible silicone design helps shield your skin from mascara smears and eyeshadow fallouts. For all you chicas and aspiring makeup artists, this is a must-have for your glamour routine.

E.l.f. Studio Mascara & Shadow Shield, $3, elfcosmetics.com

5. Stain Away

You pull that sexy black dress over your head only to discover white deodorant smudges standing out on the dark fabric. It’s an all-too-familiar problema we've been through many times. This product clears white streaks on fabric deposited by deodorant residue.

Hollywood Fashion Secrets Deodorant Removing Sponge, $5, ulta.com

6. Hot Tool Holster

In most Latina households, the bathrooms are our spas and salons. This hot iron holster is a safe and beneficial solution for storing any hot tools you may have.

HOLSTER BRANDS, Hot Iron Holster $20, ulta.com

7. Twist & Pull Effect

Are you over-waxing some facial hair? Safer than waxing or chemicals, this beauty buy provides a less painful way to remove hair from the follicle in the privacy and comfort of your own home. Just a twist of the wrists and it completely removes several hairs all at once. From facial areas like cheeks, chin and your upper lip, this will remove it all without harming your skin.

Tweezerman Smooth Finish Facial Hair Remover, $20, sephora.com