8 Beauty Products You'll Only Find in Latino Households

Whether it's an amazing hair conditioner or cologne, you probably grew up seeing these classic beauty products that you'll only find in a Latino household.

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1. Lemisol

For over 30 years, Lemisol has been a staple hygiene product for Latinas. From your abuela's bathroom to your tia's, you can spot this little bottle anywhere you go.

Lemisol, $9.49, mylemisol.com

2. Emergencia

Latinas are experts when it comes to taking care of our hair, so it's no surprise that many of the best hair products are created by our own. This Dominican hair treatment will bring your fried strands back to life in no time!

Emergencia Tratamiento intensivo Capilar, $10.45, amazon.com

3. Mirta de Perales

Who doesn't remember catching a Mirta de Perales commerical while watching your favorite novelas. Today the popular hair care brand continues to thrive in the Latina beauty market. From dry hair to breakage, this line has a product that will solve all of your hair struggles. 

Mirta de Perales Keratin Hair Serum, $12.00, mirtadeperales.us

4. Maja Soap

With its signature black and red packaging, this elegantly scented soap has served as a favorite among Latinos for decades. The brand, which hails from Spain, also includes a full cosmetics line including body powder, blushes and eye shadows. 

Maja Soap, $4.95, majasoap.com

5. Royal Violets Cologne

For many, this might've been your first fragrance as a baby. Augustin Reyes' line of baby colognes and perfumes is one scent any Latino could recognize from a mile away.  

Royal Violet's Cologne, $5.07, amazon.com

6. Baba de Caracol

Known to reduce the appearance of scars, acne, and wrinkles, this is one cream Latinas always keep nearby. 

Baba de Caracol Crema Facial, $16.70, sears.com

7. Masglo

Latinas are known for always keeping their nails on fleek, so you'll be sure to always find one of these nail treatments around. Infused with garlic and lemon, this nail base is a major key to having strong nails. 

Masglo Garlic and Lemon Strenghten Base, $10.55, amazon.com

8. Silicon Mix

No matter your hair type, this glorious Dominican hair product will leave your hair looking fabulous. Their line of natural products contain bamboo extract and silicon to nourish and leave your hair full of shine. It's no wonder chicas always keep this product around.

Silicon Mix Leave-In Conditioner, $11.99, amazon.com