This YouTube Beauty Guru Can Transform Herself Into Any Disney Princess

This YouTube Beauty Guru Can Transform Herself Into Any Disney Princess

Wouldn’t it be amazing to transform yourself into your favorite Disney princess? Well now you can with the help of self-taught makeup artist Promise Phan.

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Phan is bringing your favorite animated characters to life with her makeup. Since 2009, the YouTube beauty guru has been posting step-by step videos of makeup transformations under the name Dope2111. The Nepalese YouTube star is a human chameleon that can practically turn herself into anyone she wants. She has become most popular for her Disney princess transformations. So if you want to transform yourself into any princess for Halloween, Promise can teach you step-by step all with the power of makeup.

Phan not only transforms herself into princesses, she also posts dead-on transformations of celebrities. The YouTuber posted probably one of the best transformations of the Queen of Tejano, Selena Quintanilla. Promise channeled her inner Selena with her infamous red lips, dark wavy hair, and hoop earrings.

With a Youtube channel that has netted over 400 million views and over 2 million subscribers, it is no surprise that young artist has caught the attention of many.

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Check out Promise YouTube channel for all her tutorials and watch her turn into every Disney princess below: