Urine Therapy Could Be the Answer to All Your Skin Problems

Would You Use Pee For Better Skin?
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Did that just gross you out? Sounds kind of crazy, right? Pee, your skin...yeah, we know what's going through your mind. But there's a new DIY skincare remedy that's all the rage, and it's called Urine Therapy.

Studies show this treatment can soften the loose, dead cells on the skin's surface, and even act as a mild exfoliator. According to Thrillist, urine contains antibacterial properties that, according to some experts, could benefit your skin and even reduce breakouts. Urine is 95 percent water, 2.5 percent urea, and the rest is a combination of salt, different minerals, enzymes, and hormones that contain essential nutrients.

Thrillist editor Elaheh Nozari gave it a try and said, "I came out at the other end with a glowing T-zone, and I rarely get pimples anymore, but having shrunken oil glands comes at a cost: my face is horribly sensitive and still gets super dry. I get flaky, red bumps that ebb and flow with how often I wash my face, and it was during a recent episode of intensely scaly skin that I decided to try out urine therapy."

But while this is the latest in beauty, this is nothing new in Latino culture. Our editorial director, Robyn Moreno, had actually sought advice on how to remove manchas from her abuelita, who suggested she turn to urine for help — specifically, her baby girl's urine-filled diaper. “After changing my daughter's diaper that evening, I set it aside and went to the bathroom to," she explained. "I started to rub it on my face. The good news is that babies' pee doesn’t smell, so the application wasn’t gross. The bad news is that I was too embarrassed to have my husband walk in the bathroom to find me with my face in my daughter's diaper, so unfortunately I didn’t test out the urine method long enough to find out if it really made a difference. My take is this: Put baby pee in a pretty jar and charge me $100, and I’ll probably buy it, but sticking my nose in a soiled baby diaper for weeks was just too much, even for me.”

Seems the proof is in the pudding, err diaper. Would you ever give urine therapy a try?