SheaMoisture is Highlighting the Beauty Industry's Ethnic Divide With New Campaign

Shea Moisture's New Campaign Aims to Highlight the Ethnic Divide in the Beauty Industry

SheaMoisture has just released one groundbreaking video.

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The popular hair and skincare brand is bringing up a conversation that has long been overdue with a national campaign called #BreakTheWalls. SheaMoisture hopes to change the dialogue amongst how the industry views beauty.

Through a series of videos, #BreakTheWalls addresses the important question of why ethnic beauty products are often separated from general market products. If you weren’t already aware of this issue, a simple trip to your nearest drugstore is all the proof you need. For as long as we can remember, women of color with different textured hair have been forced to shop for products in a separate, and usually smaller aisle coined as “ethnic.”

The company has also released a video where women of color share their experiences, including YouTube sensation Alba Ramos, aka SunKissAlba.

"As a little girl I wasn't so fond of my curly hair because most people around me celebrated straighter hair and lighter skin; this sentiment automatically created insecurities. Alba told us. "I can't recall ever seeing self-representation in the stores. Even the models used on product packaging and in ads were not relatable to me." 

Despite these trials, Alba was able to learn to love her own beauty and this has led her to creating a platform to inspire other women to do the same. 

"I'm proud to say I've been able to influence girls to not just embrace their curls, but to also care about their overall health from the inside out. I decided to be a part of #BreakTheWalls call-to-action because it's an important topic for all women, but especially women with textured hair. It stands for inclusion, not exclusion and brings a much-needed awareness to this issue."

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Check out the powerful video below: