11 Beauty Looks That Will Make You Nostalgic

Who remembers watching Powerpuff Girls and Rugrats as a kid? Or had a crazy obsession with all things Lisa Frank? Well, listen up: the '90s are trending hot right now, and we're here for it! 

From lip art to eyeliner, here are 11 beauty looks that will make you wish you could rewind 20+ years:

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1. Hello Kitty

Calling all cool cats who are just as obsessed with Hello Kitty as we are! How cute are these vibrant pink nails? If you can't get enough of the Japanese animation, head over to ColourPop for their latest Hello Kitty collection.

2. Powerpuff GIrls

This eye look was clearly made with lots of sugar, spice, and everything nice! If you love this look you’ll enjoy the new Powerpuff Girls-themed makeup by Peripera.

3. Minnie Mouse

How adorable is this Minnie Mouse eye art? This look is giving us feel like putting a bow on it — and adding a touch of red glitter is always a fabulous idea.

4. Princess Jasmine

Living life as a princesa may be a fairytale for some, but looking like one can turn into a complete reality. Try this Princess Jasmine-inspired aqua and golden eyelid.

5. Lisa Frank

From the stationary to art supplies, Lisa Frank colored our world growing up. This inspired nail art is proof that the colorful leopard prints, unicorns, and cute aliens aren't going anywhere. 

6. Princess Belle

Be an enchanting beauty like Princess Belle, with this makeup look. With the live-action Beauty and the Beast coming to cinemas in March 2017, L'Oreal launched a makeup collection that would make any girl drop everything and run to the nearest beauty store.

7. Bambi

From Snapchat to Pinterest, we come across Bambi-inspired eyelids just about everywhere. This old animated Disney film look will bring out the inner-child in anyone — in the most chic way possible.

8. Alice in Wonderland

Lip art has become one of the coolest trends we've seen all over social media, and now you can step into Alice's world with this Alice in Wonderland-inspired makeup artistry.

9. Batman

Take your liner to the next level with this look inspired by Batman. Adding a black or brown lip will definitely have you dark night ready.

10. Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz is one of the wildest and most infamous productions to ever hit the screen. It completely transformed the way we saw the world, so it's only right to showcase one of the most iconic moments in the film. These nails were inspired by none other than Dorothy's ruby red slippers and the lips were a replica of the yellow brick road.

11. Rugrats

Nick, Nick, Nickelodeon! The Rugrats were HUGE in the 90's. Take your nails to the next level with these fun decals.