10 Natural Hair Bloggers You Should Be Following

Whether you're looking to make the big chop or in need of tips to maintain your rizos, we've got just the right women for you. From their inspirational journeys to the best natural hairstyles to top curly products suggestions, these Afro-Latina beauties have got you covered:

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1. 10 Natural Hair Bloggers You Should Be Following: Carolina Contreras

When, Carolina Contreras moved back to the Dominican Republic in search of a connection with her roots, she was quickly confronted with the beauty standards from society. The encounter of curly hair coined as "pelo malo" led her to create, Miss Rizos, a site where women with Afro-textured hair can find inspiration to embrace their hair as is. Contreras also owns her own salon in the Dominican Republic where you can get the full natural hair treatment. 

2. 10 Natural Hair Bloggers You Should Be Following: Alba Ramos

Alba Ramos, known as SunKissAlba, has been giving everyone major curl goals with her flawless locks. The bilingual beauty has gained over 650k YouTube subscribers, covering everything from heat damage protection to super cute hairstyles. Alba with all of her curl glory has also recently teamed up with hair care brand, Shea Moisture.

3. 10 Natural Hair Bloggers You Should Be Following: Mel Burgos

Nuyorican Mel Burgos became well known for her lovely 'fro after launching the blog Rock Yo Rizos. Through her site, Burgos has been able to share some of the best tips for healthy hair and has even worked alongside actress Tracee Ellis Ross on a special segment by Optimum Salon HairCare Alma Legend. Recently, the Puerto Rican blogger shared the experience of shaving off her hair as a transition to embrace her true self, and created the hasthtag #IAmLettingGo inspiring others to go through their own life transitions as well.

4. 10 Natural Hair Bloggers You Should Be Following: Dania & Vilma Peguero

Dominican sisters Dania and Vilma Peguero are the founders of the Black Latina Negra Bella campaign. Their site, Negra Bella, is full of empowerment — from paying homage to their Afro-roots to the many other women who share their natural hair journeys on the site as well. Besides sharing their stories, the sisters also generated a line of Afro-beauty empowering tees and tanks.

5. 10 Natural Hair Bloggers You Should Be Following: Stephany Peguero

Up-and-coming vlogger Stephany Peguero is a must-follow for the Spanish speaking community. The Dominicana shares all about her natural hair journey on her YouTube channel, Afro Mio, while also providing you with the perfect natural hairdos for any occasion.

6. 10 Natural Hair Bloggers You Should Be Following: Melshary Love-Arias

If you're confused about which products to use on your rizos, vlogger Melshary Love-Arias is your girl. The Brooklyn native's YouTube channel, Naturally Melshary, is filled with reviews of the latest and most popular curl-geared products on the market.

7. 10 Natural Hair Bloggers You Should Be Following: Bianca Alexa

Model/vlogger Bianca Alexa shares flawless beauty and hair routines via her YouTube channel, SimplyBiancaAlexa — and they're perfect for a chica on a budget. Whether it's a simple wash and go or an easy updo, this beach lover has got you covered.


8. 10 Natural Hair Bloggers You Should Be Following: Priscilla Flete

After growing up in a culture where women are not taught to embrace their natural hair, Priscilla Flete decided to make the decision to go au-natural. Flete shares all about her natural-hair journey on her blog, ShineStruck, and provides a variety of hair tutorials from dreadlocks to twistout on her YouTube channel.


9. 10 Natural Hair Bloggers You Should Be Following: Ada Rojas

Free-spirited beauty Ada Rojas is an experta when it comes to keeping her curls looking fab at all times. Her Youtube Channel, GypsyintheCityTV, features a variety of fun videos including tutorials on curl maintenance to all things beauty and fashion.

10. 10 Natural Hair Bloggers You Should Be Following: Rocio Isabel

Not only will Rocio Isabel give you major curl envy, but the New Orleans native provides you with content on everything from curl care to beauty and lifestyle. Her site, RisasRizos, will give you major inspiration to embrace your natural beauty from head-to-toe.