Anxious Peeps, Rejoice! Lush’s New Bubble Spinner Promises to Take Relaxation to a Whole New Level


If watching a fidget spinner go round and round helps you totally Zen out, you’re going to love this new iteration of the now-classic stress reliever.

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Say hello to the Bubble Spinner, Lush’s hypnotic new product that combines two super calming activities—fidget spinning and luxuriating in a warm tub—into one.

All you have to do is hold the spinning foamer under your running bath water and watch the bubbles form while soothing scents of lemon and lime fill the room. It’s a one-two treat ‘yo self-punch.

The pretty little bar is reusable, so once you’ve reached optimal bubble formation, just set it aside to be used again the next time you’re feeling particularly stressed out.

Wanna get your fix? The $7 bars are on sale in Lush stores and on