Kat Von D Is Re-Releasing Her Sultry Lipstick Shade For A Good Cause


The tattoo artist turned beauty guru is at it again. Kat Von D, known for her completely vegan and cruelty-free cosmetic line, is re-releasing one of her most beloved liquid lipsticks for a good cause. Adding this cute lippie to your makeup collection will raise money for a charity called Project Chimps.

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This organization was founded in 2014 after it was determined chimpanzees were no longer necessary for private research, according to their website. The charity provides a sanctuary for the chimps located in the mountains of Northern Georgia, where they can live their lives outside of a lab.

The tattoo artist, who is very outspoken about her stance on animal testing and the use of animal by products — she’s even releasing a vegan shoe line by the end of the year! — is relaunching her iconic rusty red shade appropriately named “Project Chimps.”

The shade was originally released last August. This time, it is exclusively available on her website for a limited time and retails for $20. The matte finish lipstick is a long wearing shade that flatters many skin tones, as she advertised on her Instagram account @katvondbeauty.



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Now you can look good and feel good knowing that your bold lip look was not tested on animals and in fact, helps them too.