The First Laser Hair Removal System For Dark Skin Tones

The First Laser Hair Removal System For Dark Skin Tones

Thanks to a new innovation, women of all skin tones and hair colors can finally take advantage of permanent laser hair removal. Adios razor burn and painful wax sessions. Here’s everything you need to know about the laser that’s going to get you bikini-ready—for good!

It’s called the GentleMax Pro for a reason.

It’s gentle. Probably the most important thing to note about this laser is that it’s (relatively) painless. All lasers are painful on some level—after all, you’re zapping your skin with heat—but the unique thing about this one is the cooling technology. Before and after each pulse of heat, there’s a “Patented Dynamic Cooling Device” that releases a quick burst of cool.

Anyone can use this laser.

“This laser is revolutionary,” says Dr. Dennis Gross, a dermatologist in NYC. “The GentleMax Pro laser system uses a combination of two laser sources, which is a breakthrough that allows us to treat any skin type safely. I’ve used them all and this is the best hair removal system available.” What does this mean? Now, just about anyone can feel good about paying for results that will in fact be permanent.

It’s quick.

Because of a larger treatment spot size—this one is 5mm—treatment time is faster. The technician can use less pulses per treatment area. Read: less pulses, less pain and less time!

Fewer treatment sessions.

With past lasers, people with coarse hair or darker skin tones needed more appointments to guarantee lasting results. With the GentleMax Pro, you can typically schedule four to six sessions (about six weeks apart) and you’re all set! If you started now, you’d be in good shape by summer.

It’s worth the seemingly hefty price tag.

The cost for a treatment session is about $150 for smaller areas (lip, underarm, etc) and up to $400-$600 for larger areas (full leg, back, etc). If you add up the cost of waxing sessions, or even razors, over a lifetime you’ll find that it’s totally worth it. Think of it as an investment in a new, carefree lifestyle.

Your guy will love this, too.

If he has dark skin and/or coarse hair, he probably gets pesky ingrowns and razor burn on his neck from daily shaving. Using the GentleMax Pro on these areas as well as other areas, like his back, will mean that he’ll no longer have to worry about discomfort, OR a 5 o’clock shadow. 

The laser is only available by visiting a derm or doctor's office— but trust us, it's worth it.