Dulce Candy Shares Her Top Summer Skincare Tips

Dulce Candy is definitely one of our favorite vloggers, and she's become a go-to for beauty junkies everywhere who look to her for advice on everything from getting the best brows to red carpet glam. The Mexican belleza recently partnered up with Target for their “Lúcete a tu Manera” (“Show Off, Your Way”) campaign, and she's sharing some of her top summer skincare tips.

Check 'em out:

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What are your skincare and makeup recommendations for those who are…

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What should we know about preventing makeup from running when the temps are up?

When the temperatures go up, I like to skip out on full glam makeup. I would recommend mineral-based makeup and a light Laneige concealer with SPF so that you don't have to worry about makeup streaks due to hot weather. If you live in a dry area like me, I love PIXI by Petra’s hydrating facial mist to not only refresh your skin while you're out in the sun, but replenish any lost moisture.

At the end of a hot, sun-filled summer day, what can we do to rejuvenate our skin?

Treat skin that has been exposed to the sun with Bare Republic’s rehydration serum to soothe and calm any irritation. I also love using a slice of aloe vera directly on areas of my body that have been burned by the sun.

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Is there anything we should do more of or less to our skin over the summer?

Stay away from chemical peels! Exposure to the sun can cause more damage, so it's best to save these types of treatments for the fall and winter. This is also the time to store away any heavy makeup products, which can be unflattering during hot days. Take the time to treat your skin with revitalizing cleansers and masks from PIXI by Petra to keep it healthy all summer long.