How Does Your Lipstick Color Impact How Others Perceive You?

Study by COVERGIRL Finds Lipstick Color Impacts How Others Perceive Us

Is it possible that your lipstick color could say more about you than you think?

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The answer is yes! In a groundbreaking study conducted in 2011, COVERGIRL collaborated with a renowned Harvard psychologist to research if different cosmetic combinations impact the way people judge a woman’s attractiveness and personality at both the conscious and unconscious level. In a new study, COVERGIRL further builds on those results by looking specifically at how lipstick color impacts how other perceive us. The study proves that not only can a woman influence how others judge her personality and abilities, but also depending on the lipstick color a women can express different aspects of her personality. 

The findings are quite astonishing:

Red lipstick-wearers are considered more creative and daring — just ask Marilyn Monroe. If you are looking for something bold and different, we suggest COVERGIRL Colorlicious Shade: in Hot. Women who are characterized as more independent love working those plum lips, like COVERGIRL Colorlicious Shade in Tantalize. Those who choose to wear more nude lipstick are perceived as the caring and warm type, so next time you go on a first date maybe try COVERGIRL Colorlicious in the color Champagne.

Other interesting finding suggest that women who wear lipstick more often were more likely to post twice as many “selfies” per week. Specific lip colors affected the frequency women post selfies. Red lipstick-wearers are the biggest selfie addicts, posting three times a week. Nude lipstick wearers post twice a week, leaving pink and plum lip lovers in the shy end, only posting once a week.

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Not only are lipstick wearers social media butterflies, they are also most likely to be successful. Employed women who wear lipstick more often are more than twice as likely to hold a senior position at work. That is 34% of lipstick-wearers compared to 16% of those hold senior positions. In terms of color selection, Senior Executives were more likely to wear pink lipstick, while junior level women were more likely to sport plum or nude lips. Bring me that pink lipstick!

Next time you wear you favorite lipstick shade just remember it might be saying more about you than think.