Cara Santana Shares Her Success Behind the Glam App

Since requesting a hairstylist or manicurist during your lunch break is just as normal as requesting an uber, it's no surprise that women are embracing on-demand beauty services.

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Because who wouldn't want uber-like beauty service? Uh yes, please! Cara Santana is known for her acting and fashion career, but recently this chica has been exploring the technology world in the most beautiful way. After a personal experience while filming, the 31-year-old star decided to create her own business called The Glam App. She recalls being on set for FOX's television series, Salem in the mid-west and needing to transform into a Native American but she had ombré hair, eyelash extensions and long nails. Unfortunately, no cars were no available to drive her to the nearest hair or nail salons. This experience birthed her idea of the beauty app. Founded by herself and longtime makeup artist friend, Joey Maalouf -- the two set out to create a revolutionary beauty application service, where women could request on-demand hair, makeup and nail services available in over 22 cities across the country.


The app requires users to give a detail description of their request, and partners users with leading hair gurus, makeup artist, and manicurist around their zipcodes. We caught with the beauty entrepreneur and here's what she had to say about her app and current partnership with TRESemmé

Why did you create The Glam App? What was the reason behind the app’s innovation? 
I wanted to create an accessible and luxurious beauty experience that was affordable for every woman, everywhere. When women look good, they feel good and when you feel good - you're empowered.

What services does The Glam App offer? Why was it important for you to partner with TRESemmé?
We offer hair styling, makeup application and nail services. We love the mission statement of TRESemmé, and the unapologetic emphasis they put on women owning their style. I thought the female empowerment messaging was well on brand with what not only TGA stands for, but myself.

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How fast can someone book an appointment on the app? 
You can book and immediate appointment for services in an hour. You can alternatively book 30 days in advance.”

How does this differ from other beauty apps on the market?
The fundamental difference is we put a focus not just on the client, but the stylist as well, to build their brand, expand their clientele and open them to opportunities they otherwise wouldn't have. We have a competitive commission structure, an educational program with amazing corporate beauty sponsors and incentive programs for our stylists. With a proprietary backend, we created an equally advantageous platform for both consumer and provider.

What advice do you have for someone who wants to break into the beauty technology industry?
Find something you are passionate about and work like hell to bring it to fruition!

How does the app work if you are looking to be a stylist? 
Feel free to experience the app by visiting to enjoy a service!