There's A Beauty App Exposing What Women Look Like Without Makeup

It's safe to say we live in a highly edited, filtered, and sometimes an overly photoshopped world. 

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Hence why it will come as no surprise that there's an app that wipes away a woman's perfectly beat face she may have spent hours on. Now before you go off on how wrong it is, the creator behind the 'MakeApp,' created the technology application for a particular reason. 

During an interview with Business Insider app designer, Ashot Gabrelyanov claims he invented the program to reduce human trafficking and help authorities identify victims. "In most of these cases, makeup is heavily used to disguise the age and/or identity of these people," Gabrelyanov said.

The Russian app developer's goal was to create an artificial intelligence (AI) technology which shows what these young girls actually look like. Since many victims are forced to wear extreme makeup, their families have a harder time finding them since they no longer look like the photos submitted to the police. 

According to a 2016 study by Polaris Project, "Over 200 cases of trafficking involving Latina victims in U.S. bars and cantinas were reported to Polaris. These cases occurred in 20 U.S. states and Puerto Rico." Knowing that Latinas are at a higher risk of being trafficked is a scary notation, but hopefully, with technology like this, we can bring our girls back home. 

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Needless to say, though the Gabrelyanov declares the app was intended to catch traffickers and victims --- the app description does not support his take. On the Appstore, the following is stated: "MakeApp lets you add or remove makeup from any face!"

By simply snapping a selfie or uploading a photo you can see what it looked like when I used it. Give it a try yourself and let's know your feedback below!