This Albino Mexican Model Wants the World to Know “Being Different Is a Blessing”

All Images: Ruby Vizcarra/Yahoo

Ruby Vizcarra didn’t know much about albinism growing up in Guadalajara, Mexico. As Yahoo reports, she knew she looked different from her peers, that kids could be cruel and that too much time in the sun could cause serious sunburns.

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As Vizcarra got older, she learned more about her condition and decided that she wanted to help remove its stigma. Discovering she had a passion for modeling, she decided it would be the perfect platform to make other albinos feel less alone, more beautiful, and to help ease the sting of the types of comments she heard as a kid: that she was “abnormal” and looked like a “ghost.”

Her first experience with a modeling agency left her feeling more like a gimmick so she moved on to “connect with photographers who understood my message.” It’s important to the Mexicana that she looks as natural as possible.

The 24-year-old works as a model full time and started an organization called Movimiento Albino Latino in her hometown, which provides support and education. She works with many organizations to help raise awareness.

“It’s been a very long road, but I am finally proud of who I am, and through my modeling platform, I have reached others who are like me,” Vizcarra told Yahoo. “Even when I decided to stop dyeing my hair other colors and simply embrace my natural silver, I received messages from women who said I inspired them to embrace their natural beauty too. Hearing that I am helping others is the most rewarding feeling in the world.”

H/T: Yahoo