5 Things You Need To Know About Vagina Facials

3. It includes exfoliants, cleansers, masks and more: This is a serious deal, ladies. Typically your area is cleansed, exfoliated with a gentle scrub, possibly followed by an acid peel, and of course the use of tweezers to remove ingrown hairs. 

4. It’s best after you get a Brazilian wax: That’s right, the whole big point of getting a vajaycial is to heal your vulva after you’ve just waxed off all of the hair. Want to clear your bikini of in-grown hairs 2 weeks after your wax? Then this is the answer.

5. Adrienne Bailon loves them to “keep it purrty”: The trend for vagina facials is only growing and we can count at least one big celebrity endorsement. Adrienne Bailon recently raved about the treatment during The Real’s daytime talk show