Twi Hard: 'Twilight' Makeup Sees the Light

Good Lord, it’s true: An entirely new makeup company has been created based on the Twilight saga.

Twilight Beauty, the newly created brand, has spawned two separate and distinct (well, distinct to any Twilight fan) lines of cosmetics. The first line, Luna Twilight, will be the lighter, soft collection. It will contain a First Light Body and Face Glow, and Gleam Metallic Mascara that will no doubt have your lashes twinkling like vampire Edward’s exposed skin in the sunlight.

The second line, Volturi Twilight, is named after the evil-ish Italian vampire coven from the famous fiction novels. This collection boasts a Foreshadow Primer and Labrynth Shadows glitter dust. Sound dreamy? You’ll have to wait until September to sink your teeth into these goodies, when they hit Nordstrom and Dillard’s department stores nationwide.