Traffic Stopping Lashes

Why is it that guys always have gorgeous lashes, while women so often must resort to powerful mascaras to compensate? Invest in what might be the most perfect mascara ever created--Imju Fiberwig, in Pure Black--and you might never be jealous of your boyfriend's eyelashes again. It’s the best-selling mascara in Japan for a reason.

It’s waterproof and oilproof, so you can cry through weddings and sweat through workouts without annoying streakage. Because it’s clump-free, you won’t risk looking trashy. The super high tech fibers will seamlessly wrap around your wimpy lashes and coat them with thickness and length. And it comes in a sexy, red container ($22, Just don’t apply your mascara in the car, during rush hour. You don’t want to literally stop traffic, even though you know you could. Wink, wink.

Serena Kim