EXCLUSIVE: SunKissAlba Creates the Perfect "No Makeup" Makeup Look Tutorial

EXCLUSIVE: SunKissAlba Creates the Perfect "No Makeup Makeup Look"

SunKissAlba is one popular YouTube star that loves to rock her best natural look. She recently joined Michelle Phan's ICON Network and created a natural skincare routine video on the channel. Check out what the exclusive "no makeup makeup look" she created for everyone to enjoy: 

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I love the "No Makeup, Makeup Look" because it practically works for everyone on an everyday basis whether you're a student on the go, college student on a budget, or simply someone who doesn't like to feel overwhelmed with too much makeup, or if you prefer to look more simple for a natural look that looks effortless as if you didn't try. This following method consist of the thought "Less is more" with minimal items to create a wearable perfected look.

Step 1: When cleansing your skin before applying makeup, a quick, easy and effective tip is to cleanse with warm water as usual with your preferred facial wash, then splash cold water a few times on your face before drying your skin. 

Why? Well, Warm water opens up our pores for a deeper cleanse and if you splash some cold water after, it will help close your pores before applying anything else on top of your skin. This will help your skin appear poreless over time with less clogged pores and smoother skin kind of like priming your skin without an actual primer product. You will save money on primer products and save time to complete the rest of the steps following up. (you can even use an ice cube instead if you want)

Step 2: Chose a powder foundation instead of a liquid foundation for slight coverage without the non-realistic skin look most liquid foundations can give. Powder foundations come in rages of light coverage to set skin, or full coverage for a 1 step skin perfecting look that can even out your skin tone just enough to make you feel satisfied and beautiful. Your coverage depends on your own skin and how much or less you need. 

* Powder Foundations I love:

1. Plain Jane Beauty: Mineral Foundation Powder Color:  #8 

2. Mineral Fusion Pressed Powder Foundation Color: Deep 1

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