Summer Beauty Trend: Doll-Like Lashes

Even if your favorite childhood doll is somewhere hidden inside a closet with tattered clothing and ripped out hair, chances are she's still got some killer eyelashes. Doll-like lashes - one of summer's biggest beauty trends - is making the rounds on celebs like La La Vasquez and on the runway at shows like Zac Posen. Get inspired by these pics of the doll-like lashes trend, then watch a tip on how to get the look from Latina's Beauty Editor Amanda Flores.

1. Beauty Trends: Doll-Like Lashes 1

Carmelo's girl La La Anthony has perfected doll-like lashes, making it a signature look in her everyday beauty routine.

2. Beauty Trends: Doll-Like Lashes 2

A nude-colored lip was perfectly paired to accentuate the eyes on the Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2012 Paris Fashion Week runway.

3. Beauty Trends: Doll-Like Lashes 3

Marc Jacobs juxtaposed a tomboy look with super feminine doll lashes during the Spring/Summer 2012 Runway Show. 

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5. Beauty Trends: Doll-Like Lashes 4

Zac Posen's seductive runway look highlighted doll-like lashes paired with a romantic, '20s style 'do. 

6. Beauty Trends: Doll-Like Lashes 5

Superbly slicked back, this model's porcelin face and defined lashes made her completely doll-like at the Ruffian Spring/Summer 2012 fashion show. 

7. Doll-Like Lashes Video