Spring Cleaning for Your Beauty Products

While you get into spring-cleaning mode this season, be sure to take a peek inside your makeup bag too. Did you find your perfect foundation shade ages ago and held on to it for years because there’s still a bit left in the bottle? You might want to read on before reaching for that sponge.

The Food and Drug Administration doesn't require expiration dates on most beauty products, but they should still be tossed after a certain time. Not only do they breed germs (um, ew?) that can lead to irritations, but after a while they won’t work as well. So no matter how much you paid for that pricey moisturizer, trust us, you really do not want to spread it on your face once it’s gone bad!

Look below to see when it’s time to chuck your beauty products. Plus, it’s a great excuse to go shopping for more goodies (as if you really need one)!

Shampoo, conditioner, shower gel: three years
Facial cleanser, moisturizer: six months
Deodorant: two years
Body lotion: two to three years
Anti-aging, acne treatments: three months to a year
Concealer: one year
Foundation: two years
Powder: two years
Blush: one year
Powder eyeshadow: two years
Cream eyeshadow: six months
Liquid eyeliner, mascara: three months
Eye/lip pencil: two to five years
Lipstick, lip gloss: two to three years
Hairstyling products: three to five years
Nail polish: one year
Perfume: two years

Store products in a cool, dry place (and out of the bathroom) to keep them from going bad before their expiration date and opt for products that come in a pump to keep air out. Also, check to see if the container has a Period After Opening icon: a small opened jar with a number followed by the letter “M.” This stands for the number of months the product is good for after it’s opened. And use your common sense (as well as your eyes and nose). If something looks or smells suspect, think twice before using it!