Spring Beauty Forecast

1. Fashion Forecast - Alexander Wang

Eyegloss at Alexander Wang

Just when you thought that gloss was only for your lips, eyegloss shows up at Alexander Wang, adding a sexy sheen to the lids.

2. Fashion Forecast - Proenza Schouler

Orange lips at Proenza Schouler

Not just for Florida grandmas anymore, orange lips are more modern than ever—especially on the Proenza Schouler catwalk.

3. Fashion Forecast - Donna Karan

White inner eye corners at Donna Karan

Dot white eyeshadow on the inner eyes for brightness, like they do at Donna Karan.

4. Fashion Forecast - Brian Reyes

Unkempt hair at Brian Reyes

Put away your flat irons and savor unfinished, dry and voluminous hair at Brian Reyes.