I Tried This $1 Makeup Brand That's Shaking Up The Beauty Industry

Did you know Latinas are the leading consumers when it comes to spending on cosmetics and wellness products? According to Nielsen, "Latinas spend four percent more than non-Hispanic women in the beauty supply stores and, across all age groups."

And while beauty junkies like to save some extra bucks with drugstore brands, they don't always deliver the same effects. But look no further.

Meet Shop Miss A, a trend millennial beauty and lifestyle brand which sells products as low as $1. Yes, one dollar! These tried-and-true brushes, highlighter, lashes, and more are definitely beauty editor-approved! Get your wallets ready this is a splurge you won't cry over tomorrow, Happy Shopping! 

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1. Primer

This cruelty-free face primer is a must-have for reducing shine and creating a smooth matte look. 

AOA Wonder Skin - Mattifying Face Primer, $1, shopmissa.com

2. Eyeshadow Kit

This affordable eyeshadow kit is a perfect neutral set for an everyday look. Known for selling out once restocked, the creamy shadows are buildable and such a bargain. 

Amuse 9 color Eyeshadow Kit II in Sugar & Spice, $1, shopmissa.com

3. Brow Pencil

Whose guilty of buying expensive brow makeup and misplacing or breaking it? Good news, save your money with this gem chicas! This brow pencil has a smooth formula which applies the perfect amount of pigmentation to build your eyebrows to the most natural shape and color. In addition to its innovative ingredient, the brow buy comes in five different shades to try.

AOA Sculpting Brow Pencil in Dark Brown, $1, shopmissa.com

4. Concelear

I've tested my fair share of concealers, and I have to admit this concealer truly impressed me. Not only did it cover up my blemishes and dark circles, the vegan product lasted all day all. As a darker Latina, it can be a struggle to find a concealer that truly matches my skin tone without giving it an orange undertone.

AOA Wonder Cover Concealer in Suede, $1, shopmissa.com

5. BB Cream

Don't let the price tag fool you. This BB Cream may be earning a permanent place in my makeup collection. The lightweight formula is perfect for creating a natural beauty look. If you're a "No Makeup Makeup" girl, this one's for you! 

AOA Perfect BB Cream in Rich, $1, shopmissa.com

6. Lipgloss

Add this dazzling lipgloss to your gloss collection, and thank me later! The Diamond Lipgloss is the perfect add-on to take your lip look to the next level. Its non-sticky unicorn-inspired hue and texture are super longlasting and comfortable. Lucky for you, the set comes in 11 other mystical shades. If you're into playful colors, enjoy hues of shimmery purple, glittery mermaid blue and more. 

AOA Diamond Lipgloss in Posh, $1, shopmissa.com

7. Makeup Brushes

Vegan beauty lovers prepare to be blown away. This collection features ten full-size kabuki-style makeup brushes which are perfect for creating a full-face look. The set consists of a small wedge brush, small angel contour brush, large wedge brush and more. Get your credit cards ready, it's worth every dollar! 

AOA 10-Piece Sculpting Brush Set + Brush Roll, $10, shopmissa.com

8. Highlighter

Who's ready to shine like a diamond?! I know I am! You'll love this creamy-based highlighter which comes with three other options. Get ready to answer people when they ask you where you got this BOMB AF buy. 

AOA Wonder Baked Highlighter in Bubbly, $1, shopmissa.com

9. Lipstick

There's a reason these lipsticks are named Wonder Liplock! I applied the lipstick, which claims to last up to 24hrs at 8 a.m. and didn't need to reapply until 9 p.m. While testing the lipstick I ate two meals, drink tons of water, and even kissed a few people on the cheek. That being said, I was super impressed by its kiss-proof formula.  

AOA Wonder Liplock in "Basic Nude" & "Potion" Mattes, $1 each, shopmissa.com

10. Lashes

If you're looking to experiment with lashes these are going to be your new BFFs. Thinking of the beautiful Colombian actress, Sofia VergaraI tested the lashes in the wispy feathered Sofia style. Though I needed to cut the edges for a perfect fit, overall they were long, lightweight, and super fabulous. 

AOA Studio Eyelashes in Sofia, $1, shopmissa.com