Salma Hayek on Her New Beauty Line Nuance: “This Is For My Grandmother”

At the launch of Nuance Salma Hayek, the gorgeous Mexican actress’s new beauty line (hitting CVS shelves in August), Salma gave a heartfelt speech, sharing the fact that she created the brand to honor her grandmother.

“My grandmother was so important to me. She was my inspiration. She lived in Mexico at a time when being a woman was so hard. She didn’t go to college, but she was an avid reader. She was so smart, and life did not do her genius justice. I was her hope. And through this line I can do justice to her,” Salma said while tearing up.  

When Salma began to create Nuance she met with the chemists who would be mixing the formulas for the brand. She showed them her grandmother’s homemade beauty recipes, brought them ingredients she’d bought at the local stands in Mexican markets, and even the homemade shampoo she still had from her grandmother. “I’m sure the chemists thought, ‘where did she find this stuff? And why is this crazy Mexican actress coming into our lab?’ But I have the illusion of being a chemist! They listened and supported me all the way.”

It took six years for Salma to test and approve every single product in the line. “There’s not one thing that I didn’t think about and test. My skin was peeling from all of the trials. There were times my husband looked at my skin in shock!,” she said.

The efforts have paid off; Salma created an impressive collection that ranges from shampoo to body wash to brow liner. After describing many of them (we’ll post her top picks soon!), she said, “Every woman has the right to preserve her beauty. I wish I could be in each woman’s house to make sure she uses each product correctly, but I guess I have to succumb to my own limitations.”

Based on her incredible passion for this line, we believe her.