The Red Lipstick Our Celebs Swear By!

As we were interviewing celebs at the Latina Magazine 15th Anniversary Party, we overheard Mexican actress Fernanda Romero talking to a few other red carpet strutters about her bold red lips.

“What lipstick are you wearing?” one asked her.

“It’s MAC Lipstick in Lady Danger,” she shared.

Then everyone nodded knowingly, saying that they all loved wearing that shade too.

Apparently we’d uncovered a celeb favorite! When we caught up with Fernanda (who you probably recognize from her role in RPM Miami), we asked her what it was about this lipstick that has all the celebs buzzing. “Put this lipstick on, and you won’t need anything else!” she said.

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She’s right: Her creamy crimson mouth looks stunning, and besides a little mascara, it really is all the beautiful star needs.

MAC Lipstick in Lady Danger, $14.50, is available at