Oscar Beauty: Get the Makeup Look of the Stars!

Celebrity makeup artist Sam Fine is responsible for creating iconic makeup looks for such Hollywood A-listers such as Tyra Banks, Queen Latifah, Mo'Nique, Jennifer Hudson and Vanessa Williams. We asked Fine, who recently launched his first instructional makeup DVD, FINE: The Basics of Beauty, to tell you how to give good face with insider makeup tips of Oscar night's biggest stars. Read more for his tips...

1. Oscar Beauty: Get the Makeup Look of the Stars: Cameron Diaz

Try Color

"Cameron Diaz's look was really fresh-faced. A lot of women played it safe with nudes; but Cameron was one of the only women to try color, and she wears it well! Wearing a neutral-colred dress (a metallic silver), she knew that adding color to the mouth would be beautiful. The star went with a red lip that is very wearable. Like Cameron, you can pair this look with a simple clean eye, shimmering skin and tons of blush to balance the red mouth so it isn't too striking. The result? Elegantly simple."

2. Oscar Beauty: Get the Makeup Look of the Stars: Nicole Richie

Low Maintenance, High Glamour

"Nicole Richie plays the part of fashionsta better than anyone. She wore a lot of liner and used a silver/grayish shimmering eye shadow. This look is easy to maintain throughout a night--whether you're spending four hours an event like the Oscars or a night out on the dancefloor. Nicole is a risk taker in her fashion and beauty choices, and this look--right down to the dark nails--shows how to do it right."

3. Oscar Beauty: Get the Makeup Look of the Stars: Jennifer Lopez

All about the Brow

"Jennifer Lopez's look started with a really groomed brow. It was more arched than ever, maybe because we saw more of a full face on her since her hair was pulled back. The eye was carved out in a pewter shimmering lavender that echoed the color of the gown, but didn’t match it exactly. I think this shows perfectly how to use color to complement the clothes you wear without too much matching. If you’re wearing a blue gown, for example, you don’t need to wear blue eye shadow. Jennifer also went with a lavender lip, adding to the theme of staying in the same color family without taking it to the extreme."

4. Oscar Beauty: Get the Makeup Look of the Stars: Queen Latifah

The Smoky Eye

"Queen Latifah had one of my favorite looks of the night. I love the dress and her makeup. She always looks great with a smoky eye. She makes you want to wear a smoky eye all the time because they just look so naturally beautiful on her. The smoky eye is a trend you can pull off during the day or night. Like Latifah, try pairing the look with a softly blushed cheek and a really rich suede, pinkish mouth. Latifah used bronzer in the place of blush to give her skin and shoulders warmth. I think it looks wonderful on her, and she was definitely a show stopper of the night for me."

5. Oscar Beauty: Get the Makeup Look of the Stars: Zoe Saldana

The Eyes Have It

"Zoe Saldana went for a smoky liner with a smoky outer corner, which made her look really sexy and alluring. Smoky liner is very different than a smoky eye. A smoky liner is contained closest to the lash line. A smoky eye is where the shadow reaches past the crease and goes near the brow bone. Zoe also went for a great lash, which is crucial on the red carpet. For her lips, she wore a pink gloss and no lip liner, which makes her look very fresh. She paired it with a pink blush, which made everything look gorgeously effortless."

6. Oscar Beauty: Get the Makeup Look of the Stars: Penelope Cruz

Keep It Classic

"Penelope Cruz’s look was really classic--befitting for an Oscar nominee. This face isn’t over done and it isnt very formal. Instead she chose a really great lipstick color, nice lashes, good liner and definition--resulting in one of the softest, most casual faces of the evening. To top off a look like Penelope's, one tip is to get a good bronzer. The star looked very glowy and natural, and the bronzer can bring that to light. This allowed her clothes and her hair to speak much louder than her makeup."

7. Oscar Beauty: Get the Makeup Look of the Stars: Mo'Nique

Subtlety Is Key

Mo’Nique's look is absolutely beautiful. She has tons of lashes with a soft bleached brow, and chose a nude-but-defined lip. I think the message here once again is about contour; not about color. When wearing a color like blue, don't go for blue eye shadow. Instead, opt for a warm, neutral color. This way when you look back on your big night, you won't have to wonder if your beauty choice were wearing you instead of you wearing them.