A Makeup Artist Secret Revealed

Ever notice how models have the most eye-popping, dramatic makeup in the pages of magazines, but when you try to recreate the look at home with your colors and brushes it’s next to impossible? Well, makeup artists have a secret. To create those super-dramatic looks where dense, vivid colors cover eyelids, cheeks and lips, they’ve probably used grease paints. Yep, grease paint. Oh, and they are notorious for mixing colors; if you see an amazing shade of, say, fuchsia-purple lipstick, they’ve probably mixed three primary shades to get there. But now you’re onto them. If you want to play like the pros, pick up Make Up Forever Professional 12 Flash Color Case (makeupforever.com), a case filled with 12 squares of grease paint. Each shade is creamy and blendable, and together they can create an unlimited amount of beauty-full looks.