Latina Loves...New Lipsticks for Our Skin Tones!

CoverGirl makeup artist and beautiful Colombiana Rebecca Restrepo stopped by the Latina office to introduce a huge new range of lipsticks called CoverGirl Lip Perfection ($7.00 each, But with 44 shades to choose from, which of the colors will look best on Latinas? Rebecca tried them all, and chose the perfect shade for fair, medium, olive and dark-toned Latinas.

Fair-skin: Try “Temptation,” which is a rich nude that has just the right amount of color.

Medium skin: Go for “Captivate.” It’s easy to wear because it’s a warm, soft brown with just a hint of color for a fun pop.

Olive skin: You’ll like “Nude Attitude,” from LipPerfection’s Queen Collection range. It’s a beautiful golden nude with enough color to not wash you out.

Dark skin: “Tawny Port” (from LipPerfection’s Queen Collection range) is the best shade for you. It’s subtle, and very elegant.

Now, instead of buying the wrong tube and having to return it, reference this cheat sheet before you click ‘purchase’ or head out to the drugstore!