Kat Von D's Hot Collabos

Mexican tattoo artist and reality TV star Kat Von D loves the Spanish language so much that all of the words tattooed on her body (except for names) are printed en español. And she’s extended that love to her successful cosmetics collaboration with Sephora, naming several of her products—like her mocha-colored Painted Love Lipstick in Mi Vida Loca ($18)—in Spanish. Her latest offerings include the Angeleno Train Case ($150), a major cosmetics carryall. “I did all the drawings on the outside and wanted the inside to be bright red, like my car,” Von D says.

But the newest stars to her collection are her first fragrances, tellingly named Saint and Sinner. The self-proclaimed “hopeless romantic” not only helped create the scents, but also designed the rocker-chic bottles. Saint, held in an angelic white bottle, is a sweet elixir with notes of mandarin and caramel. Sinner is spicier, infused with cinnamon and patchouli. Both cater to the good and bad girl in us all.