Inside Her Makeup Bag: Mónica Cruz

Together with big sister Penélope, Mónica Cruz, 32, is enjoying her second year as clothing designer for Spain-based retail chain Mango. The Spanish actress also has three movies in the pipeline for 2009. So how does this jet-setting mogul stay so stunning? Good looks clearly run in the family, but so does good advice: “My mother’s a hairstylist, and she taught us to use olive oil to hydrate and add shine. I still do it.” Here are a few more clever tips.

1. MC - Case Study - Nars Brushes

“I have a lot of things in my makeup bag that I rarely use, but these brushes (Nars Eye Shader Brush and Eye Contour brush) are always there; I use them to apply my eye shadow.”

2. MC - Case Study - Cologne

“I don’t like strong scents. I like this cologne because it’s fresh, clean and light.”

3. MC -Case Study - Lancome Bronzer

Lancôme has really nice brown bronzers that match my skin tone. I like to use the powder all over my cheeks.”

4. MC - Case Study - Bobbi Brown Eye Pencil

“I like using dark black to line all around my eyes, and this pencil is creamier than other formulas.”

5. MC - Case Study - Supplements

“My beauty secret is to take lots of vitamins every morning. I’ve been taking vitamins A, C, D, E and K for several years now. I feel great and it shows on my skin.”

6. MC - Case Study - Avene Lip Balm

“I live in Spain and my lips get really dry from flying constantly. I always carry this great lip balm with me and reapply all the time.”